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GS Pro 'User Not Logged In' Error
359 1 10-2 10:52
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Flight distance : 202651 ft

Hi all,

Iv'e got the zone unlock key and functions fine in the Go App.  However, in the GS Pro application I get an error: "Unable to unlock Zone: User not logged in".  Obviously I am logged in. Logged out/in, Disconnected/Reconnected, Reboot, etc.

Anybody here experience this? I just started using GS Pro last week to get away fron the dreaded "third-party unlocking issues" and this is the first attempt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

User Not Logged In - GS Pro

User Not Logged In - GS Pro
10-2 10:52
Use props
Flight distance : 72047 ft


I'm experiencing the same thing right now and I can't figure out why. Did you find a solution?
10-7 08:18
Use props
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