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yaw or heading drift
157 0 10-4 08:03
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 807133 ft

I've noticed this in both my Phantom 4 and my Phantom 4 advanced when flying FPV mode, and upon reviewing some recent video I noticed it again when flying between waypoints.

I notice that the aircraft heading / yaw drifts to the west, drifting to the right when flying south direction and to the left when flying north.

When flying waypoints (in Litchi or GO) the aircraft continues to go in a straight line, but the heading drifts. When not flying waypoints, I have to manually correct to keep going in a straight line.

I calibrated compass before flight as well.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?

I will do some more tests by setting waypoints on an east-west track, and will post some video soon.

10-4 08:03
Use props
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