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New firmware still lacks...
418 2 2019-10-6
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... an official download link!

DJI, really good job on hyperlapse! Amazing not only mounted in car, but also when walking/hiking the stabilization is really nice!(Though wouldn't it be simpler to choose timelapse and toggle rockstready on without inventing a whole new mode?)

However, please update the link to download the firmware since Mimo app is useless right now.
I had to dig up the firmware from my phone and rename it the way the camera accepts it, because it is not possible to connect Mimo on Android to the camera.
There was a thread about this already, I'm not sure about the exact circumstances but please, please fix this.

I am in Europe, on LG V30, tried on fixed 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, auto... It does authenticate but can not obtain IP address from camera.

This makes Mimo unusable.

If you are at it, please drop in h265 as well.
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day munchausen. Thank you for these information and for these suggestions you have shared. I will forward these suggestions to the designated DJI department for further development of the DJI Osmo Action and of the DJI Mimo application. Significant suggestions or requests will be implemented after the evaluation of the DJI Engineers. For the latest updates on the DJI Osmo Action and on the DJI Mimo application, please stay tuned to our DJI official website at or by checking the Release Notes specific of the DJI Osmo Action as well. Thank you for your support.
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Loka Lindbom


It's lacking timelapse intervals 60s. I do a lot of timelapse with my chili plants and it's super annoying you only can choose a max of 30sec. I make up to 4months of recording and really want a 1min 2min 5min option
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