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Zenmuse Z3 ND Filters n,d petal shaped Lens hood
515 1 2019-10-7
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I have tried my X3 ND Filters on the Z3. They screw in fine but they are smaller in outer diameter than the Lens fitted to the Z3 so there is a possibility that anything could enter in the spaces that are not covered by the smaller diameter X3 ND filters.

I have got a couple of petal shaped Lens hoods for the X3 that fit it great but because of the overall larger size of the Z3 they do not fit it at all.

If anybody can point me to sources of ND Filters and Lens Hoods for the Zenmuse Z3 I will be grateful. Thank you in anticipation.

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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day Witstert. Thank you for reaching out. I hope that you will get the best recommendation and information with regards to this inquiry. Thank you.
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