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Cynova Adaptor - Is this the root cause?
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About halfway through this video you can see that there is an adhesive pad (probably stuck on there to reduce vibration and improve fittment) in between the Osmo adapter and the camera itself. Is this the cause for the connectivity issues resulting in poor performance we've all been discussing?
Does your adapter have this? if so let us know if removing it resolves the issue..
10-8 05:16
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I don't have the connectivity issues (just the audio performance issue that you and Dave have troubleshooted) and I do have an adhesive pad on my adaptor...

But, and I can't be absolutely sure as it is just my eyes measuring the one in the video and could just be my eyes deceiving me, the adhesive strip on my adaptor appears to be slightly thinner than the one in this video - like ~1mm thick at most.
10-8 06:01
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interesting- i also do not have connectivity issue with the adhesive pads on, hoping this video will help out other users with that error. thanks for sharing!
10-8 06:08
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My adapter is firmly connected and stays that way even in rough terrain (and therefore is within spec, including the pad thickness) so my issue is probably unrelated.

I have noticed the following this morning;

Press record
Audio strength/level/gain = 1
Remove adapter
Audio strength/level = 0 (onboard mic sounds slightly worse)
Re-insert adapter w/mic (etc-001 in this case)
Audio strength/level = 2 (which by the way sounds pretty good over levels 0 and 1)

So as you can see I think the hardware works, it just needs some firmware refinement (which I hope we’ll see and not have to wait for  action v2).
10-8 11:52
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That is an interesting find!
10-8 22:51
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