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Ronin-M Dead after first start up
962 1 2015-6-11
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Trinidad and Tobago

Hey guys, so my Ronin M came in today, great, I mounted the GH4 with relatively light lens, rough balanced till it was able to hold on each axis, powered up the ronin, connected to the app and auto stabilized....all great so far, but then after 2-3 minutes of gentle walking around my living room I realize the tilt motor was getting quite hot which I knew right away meant it wasn't balanced properly even though I'm pretty sure it was. So I put back on the stand and turned it off and gave it enough time to cool.

This is where the HORROR began, when I powered it back up none of the motors was responding, neither is the control or app connecting via mobile or pc to even check if motor kill is on, the only thing is the battery lights would come on and the control would appear to connect but no response from the ronin! Any HELP ? ....btw I bought this directly off DJI store which took a month to arrive so now this just made it worst.
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Second Officer

Hong Kong

Did you do any update for your Ronin-M?
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