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Matrice 100 started to spin uncontrollably
789 2 2019-10-10
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We had a problem with our Matrice 100, and we are here to share it with you. If you already experience like ours, we would like to ask you what you did to solve it, or what you recommend us to do.  

The Matrice 100 setup was:  
  • Two batteries TB48D
  • Guidance System
  • Zemuse X3 camera
  • Parrot Sequoia
  • Powerbank to provide energy to Sequoia
We are sharing two flights data for your consideration. In both cases, we had the same problem, the drone suddenly started to spinning. We were flying it as we usually do, the GPS and compass were calibrated before we start flying. The flight details are presented below:  

Flight 1:  
We’ve flown it without problems for 9 minutes, 200 meters high, and then M100 spun once for the first time (+- 9m:40s). After this, we’ve tried to return it to a safe place and land it. However, it spun again later, and it didn’t stop spinning anymore (+- 13m). We still had a connection between the drone and the remote control, as well as the image stream. We could adjust its altitude, but it was flying over a house and some trees, and we had to move it in order to land it in a safer area. Finally, after more than 10 minutes of uncontrolled spinning, we’ve landed it successfully without damages.  

Flight 2:  
After the first flight, we’ve tried to fly the same drone again, but now using only one TB48D battery. In this flight, we’ve flown the drone for 6 minutes. Then, when we were bringing it back to the landing zone, it has started spinning again (+- 6m). For this time, the UAV stopped the spinning (without any action of the pilot), and we could control it again to land it safely.  

We are trying to understand what is wrong with our drone. We haven’t flown it again to avoid possible material and human damages.  

It’s also important to highlight the climatic conditions during both flights:
- Sunny  
- Clear sky  
- No strong winds  

Fly logs link:
Flight 1:
Flight 2:

Photos of setup:

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Aurelio Melo


   have you manage to solve the issue? I'm having the same problem.

We had a flight ok and them the second one we see this rotation. I have a video that a can share latter.
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Flight distance : 14871998 ft
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Dominican Republic

i have the same problem with a costumer, 2 crash
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