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DJI Go 4 ? does not work with Ipad?
405 0 2019-10-10
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I just purchase £9000 of Matrice 200 V2 and was informed that the IOS software was the DJI Go 4...
I now note, it does not work, and the DJI Pilot gives me a screen oin my ipad about the size of a mobile phone? which is hardly acceptable for the industrial survey work we are planning for this machine..

The ipad was also purchased specifically, to allow other operations and connections on site..

What is happening with the softwarre for the Matrice 200 V2 in respect to an acceptable IOS platform.

I note on the forum, no dates are given???

How can the UK Whole saler not make dealers aware of this huge probloem???

I look forward to your response.
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