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First Hyperlapse video with the Osmo Action
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This past weekend here in NYC was the 14th annual New York Comic Con!  Its a rather large event with thousands of fans showing up over the course of 4 days to check out the latest in comics, movies, and pop culture.  On the last day of the show I brought my Osmo Action with me because I wanted to test out the Hyperlapse feature, and here is the result:

I think my biggest complaint with the feature is that the slowest speed they have is 10x, which is ok, but still a bit to quick.  I wish there was a 5x speed as I feel that would be the perfect setting for when taking Hyperlapse videos....
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Wow, the poeple, so many. They got my whole city in that building.
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Nicely done,  but I didn't see No Face
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Looks nice
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DJI Tony
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New York Comic Con is surely a jam-packed event. Thanks for sharing and nicely done!
10-11 11:08
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DJI Tony Posted at 10-11 11:08
New York Comic Con is surely a jam-packed event. Thanks for sharing and nicely done!

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