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Recording flight data mavic 2 pro with smart controller
1708 1 2019-10-11
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Flight distance : 12425 ft


I have had my mavic 2 pro with smart controller for a few months now.  I just gone to try and check my flight data for previous flights i have done and nothing is coming up.  I am logged into my dji account and i clicked the sync button.  However the only records that come up are for my inspire 1.  I have flown my mavic 2 pro many times and thought that the flight data is recorded automatically.  to be honest i have never logged into my dji account via my smart controller since the other day, so have basically never flown my mavic2 pro while being logged into my account, could that be the reason why my previous flights have not be recorded?

thank you

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DJI Susan


Hi CPTstevo, just to verify, did you clean the App's cache before syncing the flight records? If yes, I'm afraid that the flight records cannot be found in this kind of situation. This might also appear if you have changed to another account before syncing.
If it is convenient, you may take a test to fly and see whether the corresponding flight record can be found in the App, thanks!
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