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Lavalier microphone issues
271 1 2019-10-12
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Kristian Amiet
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Hi,  I recently purchased a lavalier microphone,  DJI 3.5mm mic adapted.  When I record the audio recorded with the lavalier mic is quite poor,  very quiet and not as clear as the OSMO inbuilt mic.

I have tried different settings with the Dr levels and tried auto,  all have quite poor sound unless I spell into the mic directly and not pin it to my lapel.  Is anyone having similar issues?  My lavalier mic is a good quality products and not a cheap crap one.
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Unfortunately the quality of the mic is less of an issue than if it is a powered one. The best results seem to come from microphones that do not use an intenal battery but get their power straight from the Osmo Pocket. The mics I'm using are super sensative but still only give an output of around -6dbm except in the loudest of recording conditions. Having said that, increasing the volume in post production is not increasing base floor noise levels unduly. Frequency response is good. Rode microphones do not seem to be working well with the Osmo Pocket in general.  Some of the cheaper crap ones are working quite well such as those from Saramonic and I have a really cheap mic which is an unbranded Chinese one which works well in high volume situations.
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