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Robomaster 'Size' - Would we see a smaller version?
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I was thinking/debating how DJI ended up with the actual RMS1 size ... If you compare it to those in the official competition, it is rather small.

Now, in theory everything in the RMS1 is 'scalable' ... but how did DJI settle on such actual size? The robomaster is actually rather 'large' and a bit heavy to be carrying around. I would not call it a vey 'portable' toy (e.g. like Tello). Here is my thinking:

1. Motors and Mecanum wheels - sure, they can be made smaller. Granted, they'll generate a smaller torque, but the robot will be lighter as well
2. Chassis / Gimbal / everything else - yes, can be made smaller, just like the one on the Osmo Pocket
3. Electronics/Cabling/connectors - This appears to be the actual 'limiting' factor as one is constrained by the size of the actual electronics/circuits and cables that are not 'fragile'.4. Having the end-user do the actual assembly might not work out with a smaller robot?

So then my question: Would love to see a 'shrunken-down' version of the S1. What, in your opinion, would be a limiting factor? (besides those I listed above).

This whole discussion seems rather hypothetical, but then when you think about it, a couple of DJI products have seen their size shrink with time:

1. Osmo (Original) to Osmo Pocket
2. Phantom to Mavic, then Mavic Air

Would we see a RoboMaster S_mini ?

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rhoude57 - YUL
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Personally, I think the 6mm gel beads drive the design... first of the cannon, to which you then need to add the Blaster and the gel bead magazine. The Blaster/Cannon then drives the design of the turret. The Turret finally drives the design of the Chassis. To miniaturize the S1, DJI would need to identify a smaller gel bead format, easily available off-the-shelf.
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and good day JB63. Thank you for the information you have shared with us and with your insights with regards to this matter. As of the moment we don't have any information regarding DJI's future products and updates, please stay tuned to the latest news and events with regards to DJI and with the DJI robomaster S1 by subscribing to DJI official website at or following us on social media ( Facebook: , Twitter: , YouTube: ). Thank you for your support.
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