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DHL are not capable, please dont use them
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Flight distance : 117343 ft
United Kingdom

So I ordered some spare props,
After a successful journey across China they arrived in Liverpool and out for delivery to my home on 3rd June.
Missed delivery as I was at work, they wrote on the ticket that they called at 10am, My CCTV thinks they turned up at 10:35:12 seconds and my neighbor was standing by my house but he was obviously in too much of a rush to ask her to accept it for me.

Called them up arranged for them to drop them in Homebase on 4th June they said 'you can pick them up after 3pm'.
Spend an hour driving through rush hour traffic to get to Homebase the other side of town - no package there at 4:30pm. (delight)
Called Homebase for the next 3 days, no parcel delivered.

7th June Still no parcel I called them and said to return it to the sender and state they are not capable of delivering a parcel.
9th June they tried to redeliver when I was at work again.
10th June I called them to ask what they were doing and why it was not delivered to Homebase , they said 'oh yeah, I wonder what happened there. I have it on screen that you requested Homebase',  so he  arranged Homebase again.
11th June it was at Homebase .

Luckily I was not in a hurry for the spare props, but if this was the Phantom, can you imagine how upset the Customer is going to be.

Please use DHL only if you are desperate and can not find anyone to run or Cycle over to the UK with it.

Oh an I was charged 13:50 for that top service.

On a good note, my Phantom 3 Pro performs great, its a fantastic drone.

Apologies for the wall of text

Use props
Flight distance : 45928 ft

They shipped mine with TNT, my drone has seen more no fly zones than I have in a week ;) It left the UK and stopped in France, to me shipped to Italy, then back to France for its final destination Malta, too funny

Use props
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