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Falling out of the sky again
189 3 10-14 05:07
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Jon 462
Flight distance : 2151637 ft

I lost another p4p Saturday. It was brand new. The props I was using were brand new. The camera I’m still paying for. On Saturday 10/12/19  it dropped 165 feet from the air. This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time the drone just turned off at 200 feet in the air. Last Saturday my new drone lost a prop and went into a death spiral to the ground. Completely destroyed it. This drone has only been flying for a month. DJI. Is there any warranty or is there any help you can give me. I can’t afford to buy another drone.
10-14 05:07
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Flight distance : 5748684 ft
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Sorry to hear of your loss.  I would recommend you open a support ticket directly with their official tech support team.
10-14 05:36
Use props
Flight distance : 428402 ft

You should post this in the Phantom area might get a better response than Osmo.
10-14 05:42
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello and good day Jon 462. I am sorry for the troubles that it may cause and to know what happened to your previous flight with your DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Since this issue had happened. It appears that this issue needs to be diagnosed by our team. You can contact our support team to start up a ticket by using this link: . We hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank for your support.

10-14 10:01
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