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Extract GPS Data and re-fly the route
900 2 2019-10-15
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I am looking at attempting to re-fly a shoot that I did a while ago. Is it possible to extract GPS / route data from the iPad, Drone or even the unedited video and convert it into a waypoint to re-fly?

Or is the only way of repeating a route is if we use the waypoint systems in the DJO software?

Kind regards!

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Hi, thank you for bringing this query to us. Unfortunately, we cannot re-fly the DJI Inspire 2 with the same exact location using extracting route data or even a converted video. However, you can use waypoints to fly on that specific location again and if you wish to save it, you can save the route on the DJI Go 4 application. Should you have any other inquiries or concern please don't hesitate to reach us. Thank you for your kind and understanding.
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You can get the GPS and height data (within a meter or so) from the .dat file, which is convenient.  Perhaps that would be accurate enough to reconstruct the route.  You could then set relevant waypoints and create a reconstruction of the original route.  I suppose it depends how many fixed points you need to re-create the route accurately enough.

There may well be other info in the .dat file which you could use to refine the route.  

Whether that's any better than extracting the data from your ipad  I'm not sure!
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