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HELP P4P-RTK-PPK - rover observation file location
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Hi All

I am testing the PPK ability of the p4P-RTK but cannot find the rover file and the positon file on the SD card as expected
Following this workflow

1. manually captured an image set with a DJI Phantom 4 RTK    (i.e. we didn't use the grid capture function of the app).
2. Turned off the RTK Function in the  App's RTK settings.
3. When we had finished capturing, we expected to find a  rover observation file (rinex.obs or similar) on the SD card, but could  not find such a file.

We also tried the following without success:
  • Enabling viewing hidden files in Windows Explorer
  • Using DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom

What  do we need to do to make sure the rinex file is recorded for PPK (i.e.  with RTK Function turned off) and how do we access it?

Any help appreciated.


10-15 23:01
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I got the answer.
using the GSR app a mission MUST be used in order to generate PPK data.

Also a colleague found this in the user guide that i missed

10-16 17:55
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Thanks for updating & sharing that info, I did not recall that limitation myself!
10-17 10:50
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