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Issue with ESC and downgrading
165 2 10-16 22:18
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Hi all,

I have an ESC error with no more information on my Phantom 4. The drone starts properly with all motor sounds ,the camere has a preview ,but it cnnot start to rotate the motors and and the camera is stuck in strange angle and cannot calibrate. i have tried manual and auto calibration aslo restarting the drone and remote a few times. Also a re install aof the app ,but nothing helps
I am trying to downgrade my Phantom 4 and have the DJI Assisitant for Phantom pc version v2.0.8. , but always stuck on 28% after a few attempts. Can anyone help me here?

link to the video:

Please help!!!

10-16 22:18
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Ben Mason
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Have you crashed the drone at all ? or did all this happen after a firmware upgrade/downgrade ? You should be able to see ESC status in the overall status menu, you see this when you touch the coloured bar(red/green/yellow) and scroll down to ESC status.
10-17 00:00
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Black Sea Drone
Flight distance : 1288812 ft


I had a small crash where two of the propeller needed replace.
Otherwise everything looks fine i had never had this issue.
When i open the detailed menu error it just say the generic error for esc malfunctioning and contact dji support if it persist.
I saw many people get this error out of nothing not even crashing so that is why i am trying to downgrade .
10-17 08:23
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