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This is my third Mavic 2 Pro with Gimbal Issues (Reliability issues)
803 1 2019-10-17
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United States

Over the past year, I have experienced an incredibly difficult experience with the reliability of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Care Refresh Express

Here's the timeline

  • 1 year ago, DJI sent me a Mavic 2 Pro (The drone made an odd sound upon startup). So I decided to send it in via care refresh express
  • I sent my drone off, two weeks later I received this drone, which had an off-axis gimbal
  • After battling with customer support and posting multiple threads about the issue of this drone, DJI decided to expedite the process and send me a third "repaired drone"

This is my current issue. After explaining that I believe they gave me a faulty refurbished unit, they did everything the could in order to repair the drone. This drone I received has severe gimbal overload issues. It has ruined multiple video shoots and I am absolutely tired of dealing with faulty equipment. The quality control on this series of the Mavics is disappointing. I've recalibrated everything and I know what a functioning Mavic is capable of. I can not film with the camera pointed down at all. If the drone moves and direction in the slightest, the gimbal overloads and hardly ever recovers. Most of the time the drone overloads during take off.

Since the forum is the only way to get issues resolved, someone please help.

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi Kaine5, we are sincerely sorry that the gimbal is still not working properly, I see you have started a new ticket, your case will be escalated to the higher-level team for a better follow-up, sorry again for the inconvenience caused.
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