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Error / No control in Panorama Picture Function
187 1 10-18 04:47
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Hi Guys,

this is my first post here. I had a very scary disruption during the flight today.

I started a 360 degree panorama. After two pictures were taken, the drone stopped the movement and the pano mode, on the iPad, was off without an error message or similar. This were the den Point where my trouble beginns. The drone didnt responded to any control of the remote!
I could not fly in any direction or adjust height. After some trying in App and Controller, i have my iPad disconnected because I thought the drone now only responds to the commands of the remote control - unfortunately no success. The drone remained uncontrollable in 50 m height.

Also the RTH button on the remote was without function. A very scary feeling to have no control over the aircraft anymore.

In between, i had reconnected my iPad. I started the automatic landing in the app, so luckyly the Copter repsond - that was the only way to land the copter safely.

Have you ever had such a situation and maybe knows how to gain controll again?

Greetings from Munich

10-18 04:47
Use props
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I've experienced similar where panorama seems to stop and no response from sticks. Quickly switching modes on the remote from P to A back to P (GPS - Atti - GPS) should get the drone out of the pano and return control to the sticks. In an emergency I wouldn't use the app to try to stop the pano, I'd just switch it out of GPS mode and back with the remote.
10-21 09:25
Use props
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