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Video transmission 1080p50 or 1080i25 (interlaced)
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I need video transmission 1080p50 or better 1080i25 (interlaced) to use with brodcasting tv systems (SNG, MNG etc).
1) Is possible to change video transmission framerate from 30p to 50p or 25i?
2) Is possible to increase video transmission bitrate more then 10Mb?

10-19 05:35
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the answer is yes but no it is possible but DJI treats us like kids and doesn't let us have access to these toggles and sliders for some reason, the only toggle we get is "HD mode" and "normal mode" which doesn't really change much other then normal mode looks rougher and is what it switches to as signal deteriorates.   

  they also transmitting  H.264 which uses more bandwidth than H.265 for same image quality so being more wasteful with resources as well. probably artificially segmented so they can add it to mavic 3 series try to justify that over mavic 2.  
10-19 09:01
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