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DJI Moderator: Why is SRT file showing sea level altitude only?
107 0 2019-10-19
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I *really* wanted the video caption files to work but there are two issues (for me):
1) The altitude displayed appears to be above sea level. I tested this out by hovering at 10' from ground, 50' from ground and using the altitude recorded to verify that the altitude for that exact location is really above sea level.  Can this be changed in an update to show altitude above ground level???
2) Can the .srt file include speed?  I'd feel certain that the encrypted data collected on the drone includes a great number of telemetry data.  Why can't DJI put some of the common telemetry data (ie: ground level altitude & speed) into the SRT file for data overlays on rendered video?
3) Fix the word "longtitude" in the captions. It should be longitude.

PS, I should mention that all firmware/software is current as of this data on controller, iPad & Mavic 2.

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