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Firmware Update for SC Fails
209 4 10-20 07:36
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Dave R1

United States

I'm looking for aome help getting the firmware updated to V01.00.0530 on my Smart Controller. It consistently fails at 98%. I'm using the USB cable connected to the computer and Assistant 2 for Mavic. I've tried multiple times with and without the Mavic 2 powered up. I've cleared all the images and videos from both the controller and the Mavic 2. Usually there's no error code listed. There error messages I have seen are 0x0004d and 0x00120a but of course I haven't been able to find any list of what these codes mean. I've read through various forum posts and other content I've found via Google searches. There seems to be a lot of guessing but I have not seena real answer as to what the correct fix is.  Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

10-20 07:36
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DJI Gamora
Super Moderator


Hi, thank you for reaching out and we're sorry for the inconvenience caused. Can you please try to uninstall and reinstall the DJI Assistant 2 to see if the problem will still persist? Also, can you please send us a screenshot showing the firmware version of your DJI Smart Controller using the DJI Go 4 app for us to further isolate the issue. Please keep us posted. Thank you!
10-20 08:03
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You can try this:
If update fails, set the external microSD card to “Use as portable storage” from “Use as internal storage”, and remove the microSD card, and then retry to update.

Another must is using the usb cable which came with the sc
10-20 09:25
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raven swe
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try usb2 rather than usb3, sometimes its better.
10-20 12:39
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If you are updating the Smart Controller Firmware, why do you have the Mavic 2 involved? The Firmware for the SC and Mavic 2 are different and the devices should be updated separately.
10-20 19:08
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