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Problema Control Remoto Spark
297 3 10-21 10:47
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Hola. Cómo están ?

Necesito que me ayuden con el siguiente problema.

Ayer cuando fui a usar el dron, apenas en a la aplicacion DJI GO 4, me aparecio un cartel que decia ... Para despegar en modos que no sean P, utiliza el interruptor de modo de vuelo para cambiar de modo y luego vuelve a cambiarlo.

Al leer eso, intente cambiar el modo de vuelo desde control, moviendo el interruptor de un lado hacia el otro, pero al parecer quedo trabado y se mueve facil hacia ambos lados.
También intente entrar a los modos de vuelo desde la pantalla del celular pero tampoco me figura el simbolo de los modos.

Sera que eso tiene algo que ver?

Hay alguna forma de verificar cual podria llegar a ser el error ?



10-21 10:47
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Hi. How are they ?  I need you to help me with the following problem.  Yesterday when I went to use the drone, just in the DJI GO 4 application, a sign appeared that said ... To take off in modes other than P, use the flight mode switch to change modes and then go back to change it   When reading that, try changing the flight mode from control, moving the switch from one side to the other, but apparently it is locked and moves easily to both sides. I also tried to enter the flight modes from the cell phone screen but I also don't see the symbol of the modes.   Will that have something to do with it?  Is there any way to verify what the error could be?  Thank you  Regards!!
10-21 14:32
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DJI Gamora
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Hi, thank you for bringing this query to us. You may refer to the information below for the flight modes that are available for the DJI Spark.  

The P-Mode works best when the GPS signal is strong (P-GPS). The aircraft utilizes the GPS and Vision System to locate itself, automatically stabilize, and navigate between obstacles. Intelligent Modes are available in P-Mode.

The aircraft will revert to ATTI mode when GPS signal is weak, or when the compass experiences interference where the Vision System is unavailable. In ATTI mode, the aircraft is easily affected by its surroundings, which may result in horizontal shifting. The Vision System and some advanced features are disabled. Therefore, the aircraft cannot position or auto-brake in this mode. Please land in a safe place as soon as possible to avoid hazards. Avoid flying in areas where GPS signal is weak, or in confined spaces. The aircraft will otherwise be forced to enter ATTI mode, leading to a potential flight hazard.

In Sports Mode aircraft uses GPS for positioning. As 3D Sensing System is disabled, the aircraft will not be able to sense and avoid obstacles when in Sport Mode. Intelligent Flight Modes, Pano Mode and Shallow Focus are not available in Sport Mode.
(1) The 3D Sensing System is disabled in S Mode (Sport), which means the aircraft will not be able to automatically avoid obstacles.
(2) The aircraft’s maximum speed and braking distance are significantly increased in S Mode (Sport). A minimum braking distance of 30 meters is required in windless conditions.
(3) The aircraft’s responsiveness is significantly increased in S Mode (Sport), which means small stick movements on the remote controller will translate into a large travel distance of the aircraft. Be vigilant and maintain adequate maneuvering space during flight.
* S Mode is only available with a Spark remote controller. S Mode is disabled when flying with a mobile device.
* Use the Flight Mode Switch on the remote controller to select aircraft flight modes.

Therefore, you can only change P-Mode to Sports mode since the ATTI mode will only be available if there is no GPS on the area you are flying. Please let us know if you have any inquiries or concerns. Thank you for your support!
10-22 15:34
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Me paso exactamente igual! Encontraste la solución al problema? Saludos!
11-18 09:20
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