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Inspire 2 Battery or aircraft problem?
642 1 2019-10-23
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Hi all,

We have Inspire 2 which have a problem with batteries or maybe problem is craft by itself.
After many of flights, with 5 sets of battery, there was problem with 4 sets. Im providing serial numbers, groups and logs from some of problematic flights.
There was one of two batteries turning off in flights, and sometimes 2 in same time before craft took off. In most cases there was

Note: Slots where batteries lose power was mixed, without rules. Also, battery wasnt mix-paired.

09UAE1B03106YA        B         PROBLEM IN FLIGHT ... ns&val=detailed
                                                                                    ... ns&val=detailed

09UAE1G03101S9        B

09UAE4D0320332       C        PROBLEM IN FLIGHT      (Same problem, there is no specified log)

09UAE1G03106XX       C

09UAE1G03106X0       E
09UAE4703204HS       E       PROBLEM IN FLIGHT ... ns&val=detailed
                                                                                    ... ENERALNotifications

09UAF9J03200PQ       D
09UAF9J03200P5        D     PROBLEM IN FLIGHT ... ENERALNotifications

09UAE8403204F7       A
09UAF1P03201ZV       A

All flights can be found here on AirData: ... ;ftype=flight_group

We can provide to you only that logs from DJI APP.  Aircraft isnt in our hands, same as batteries, so we cant check for additional info.
Logs from app ... pD/view?usp=sharing

Our opinion is there is a problem with craft, not with batteries.
if someone had same problem, we will appreciate for sharing with us.

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Flight distance : 4822139 ft
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Had a look at your battery data.
My chart is from the 15-09-10 flight.

Battery value dropped from 97 to 51%, but all 6 cells are normal in this flight, total Volts are OK too.
Max cell deviation between cells = 105 mVolt.

So why a drop in % like this? don`t know. Guess beacuse of this drop a warning is shown in the app " Battery:Battery Voltage Difference too large. Check Battery Status".

So or the battery sent a wrong batt level value back to the app wich is calculated in % or the sw does funny things....
Same for the last flight ; same error but imo batt cell values are normal.

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