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Connectivity Issues
248 0 2019-10-25
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Moxie Aerials
Flight distance : 1006342 ft

Greetings Flyers,

  I'm thinking it may be time to upgrade my rig to one of the newer Phantoms, I seem to be having a lot of connectivity issues with my Phantom 4.

  Everything is good to go within approximately 50-100 meters, but as soon as I go beyond that, generally around 120M, I lose signal and RTH engages.

  Thank the Lord for the amazing RTH capabilities of this model, in my last 4 flights I've been disconnected a dozen times and RTH has worked flawlessly.

  Of course as soon as it's back within 50-100M I can reengage and keep flying but it's getting more frequent.

  Is there any way we can test the range on these units, and also is there a way we can boost the range on these units without circumventing the manufacturer guidelines and product protections?

  Also, in relation to my last flight, I'm seeing a rise in PV systems in urban centres (solar panel alernative energy systems) - I'm assuming they must put out some kind of signal interference but would anyone know if it's enough to be a factor?!

Your help as always is much appreciated!
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