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Osmo Action Audio Adapter
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Hi Guys
Just a update , i Had one of the first dodgy CYNOVA adapters that was loose and kept disconnecting i contacted the BELLA email and DjI , with no sucess .
So i fixed it myself with the help of a video of youtube (have not got ling , but google did it for me)
anyway that fixed the poorconnection issue , audio is still not great as reported all over the net.....but i was ok with that
And then TODAY a brand new one arrived in post out of no where which said replacemt FOC and i can keep the old one ...
so i guess somewhere my coomplaining helped ...i have yet to try it to see if the audio is any better , so will do that tomorow and let you know ..

nice one CYNOVA and i supposed DJI , even though DJI kept passing the buck back to CYNOVA ..

the fix was removing the rubber grommet with a knife and nailfiling the plastic lip down , if enought people want i will do a vid ?

11-2 04:31
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DJI Wanda


We're terribly sorry to read about this and thank you as well for your patience and time sharing this. We'd like you to know that we will inform the designated department [ CYNOVA ] for a follow-up. We admire your patience.
11-2 10:17
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