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Gimbal issue?
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Hi. I recently sent my M2P in for replacement of the IMU unit because it was defective. DJI replaced the whole drone instead of replacing just the defective module, under warranty. All good so far.

I've been doing some test flight since I got it back, and to be honest, I feel there is something wrong with the drone. Today I took some pictures at a location near my place, by the sea. I noticed that when facing the horizon, the sea was not appearing flat. There was a very noticable tilt on the camera. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

The drone was perfectly still while taking the pictures. There was a very soft breeze coming from the sea, but not so big to explain such a tilt. But even if that was the case, shouldn't it be able to compensate and keep the camera level?

Anyway I landed it and did a gimbal calibration, then tried the same pictures again. The results were slightly better, but still the tilt is there. Did they send me a defective drone?

11-3 10:44
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Hi Xarogas, I am sorry to know that you are having issues with the gimbal of your DJI Mavic 2 Pro, since you have calibrated the gimbal of the said drone and still the issue persists, I would suggest you to manually adjust the gimbal level of your drone using the DJI GO 4 application settings, just go to Main Controller Settings > Gimbal Settings > Adjust Gimbal. Please keep us posted on the said issue for further assistance. Thank you.
11-4 11:34
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