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Ronin S + Sonya7RIV Connection / Compatibility / Controls / Usage
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Karol Tru
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Hi! Recently I purchased ned camera Sony a7R IV and I couldn't be happier than that.

A few days back, I purchased Ronin S to get these sleek and smooth shots of any video kind I shoot from now on. Ans It is amazing!

About Compatibility? I was happy to see that DJI released 2.0 Update for ronin, marking it that it is now compatible with new camera Sony a7R IV.

I struggled a little on how I should connect the camera to Ronin to be able to control record button from the ronin (Red button under joystick) - It makes much more sense to start and stop recording this way.

I got the multi-connection cable to (USB C Type). It was surprising to me that I had to put camera into PC Remote mode to be able to control it with onboard Ronin S Record button.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem I run into (After recording concert and missing focus on musicians Faces) is that when I put the camera into recording Face AF Icon Turns Off and it is not operating! This is a huge problem to me, and don't get me wrong here I don't complain, I am just trying to find a solution how to use One of the best cameras on the market together with one of the best handheld gimbal. Of course, I can use ronin without connecting it to Sony and always press buttons on the camera, but I guess that's not the way to go.

I updated Ronin to the latest firmware, as well as App on my iPhone, and iPhone itself.
I checked the available Sony camera updates but I doubt it since at this time it is still pretty fresh release (2 months or so?)


1: How to use Autofocus Face recognition in Sony while controlling it through Ronin S in Video?

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Sadly the issue is a Sony issue, nothing DJI can do to rectify a Sony issue. It is frustrating and you're not the first person to be left scratching his head looking for a solution to this.
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