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HELP: DJI warranty discussion for Mavic 2 pro
367 1 2019-11-5
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-Hi Everyone:

First of all, thanks for the support to my previous thread about a right out of the box issue with my M2P gimbal stabilization. Now that I'm certain about the malfunction context, I can conclude that the issue was there from the very first time I flew the aircraft, (evidence since the very first footage). Now, I have a bigger concern about the likelyhood of the warranty being voided for the following reasons:

1.- I bought the Drone 2 months ago, and had the gimbal issue ever since. The following link shows the issue, and it's worth considering the first video of the compilation was shot in the Mavic's very first flight).

2.- Last week, I experimented a light side colission with the Drone

3.- I just downloaded the Flight log for the mentioned routine, and found the following plot data:
('x' axis is displaying time in sec. The incident occured at sec 323.)   

4.- The gimbal issue wasn't caussed either for external events nor this incident.
QUESTION: How likely is that DJI determines to apply/void the warranty for this case, regarding the malfunction I'm reporting the product for, was not produced/inluentiated by any previous incident. I believe they have enough Gimbal log data to tell if the issue was there much earlier than any given incident.  I'd appreciate so much any orientation and comments with your related expierences. I just hope I can go trough the full warranty repair service.

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Hi 98Sunsetfan, since your drone has encountered collision, it is recommended to send in the device for the evaluation, our repair center will provide the best resolution according to the diagnosis.
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