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Ronin-S / Sony A7Riii taking pictures
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United States

I am using the Ronin-S with the Sony A7Riii.  
I have purchased the MCC type-B cable separately.  
Once I figured out that I have to turn the Sony settings to "PC Remote" and turn off the "control with smartphone" feature, I was able to connect the two devices together.  However, until now, I still cannot get the ronin-s to take still images.  So let's say for example, I want to take a panorama shot.  It will go through the entire programmed shot, but I cannot take images.  Am I only able to use the video feature?  Please advise.  
11-6 14:05
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Sadly the issue is with SONY and has absolutely nothing to do with the Ronin. It's a Sony problem

I'm in the same boat and would love to see a fix to this and other issues such as eye AF
11-7 10:42
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