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Power camera through USB connection...
286 0 2019-11-10
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G Kochanowsky
Flight distance : 478822 ft
United States

I have the Ronin-SC and I enjoy using it. I use it with the a sony a6400. Is there a reasony why DJI did not supply power through the USB connection to the camera. Those cameras have tiny batteries and can be powered via USB, and it realy helps to be able to power the camera from the gimbal. I don't mind if it drains the gimbal battery sooner. I've got a second battery, and it is far easier to swap out the handle battery than it is to dig the battery out of the camera when mounted on the gimbal.

DJI please tell me that that your crack product designers and engineers had the forsight to allow powering the camera through the USB connection, and it is just a matter of a firmware update.

Use props
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