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Inspire 2 Service Nightmare--Advice??
341 1 2019-11-13
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I recently shipped my Inspire 2 to the DJI service facility for repair and I've since gotten stuck in a nightmare customer service loop. Wondering if anyone else has figured out how to navigate this world.

My landing gear servo stopped working reliably, and while I've been able to still raise/lower the booms with a small screwdriver when needed, obviously it finally got annoying enough that I wanted to get it repaired. Seems like I'm not the first person to have this problem so I wasn't too worried about getting it fixed. BUT, when I sent it to DJI's repair facility, things kinda went sideways. The repair quote I got back covered:
- A replacement nose cover and top shell, which both had some scratches on them. Just cosmetic.
- A set of DJI quick release prop mounts, which I had removed because I'm using 3rd party folding carbon props.
- A new motor, to replace one that had a scratch on it. Again, superficial.
- Vision sensor calibration. Could take or leave this.
All of that totaled about $250 worth of parts and labor. But absent from the quote was anything related to the landing gear servo, which is the main reason I sent the drone in for repair. I could see myself just agreeing to all that other stuff potentially if it meant I could also get the landing gear working again. I'm a believer in path of least resistance. But after going around and around in circles on the phone and by email with DJI customer service, I can't get anyone to either remove the repairs I don't want or even evaluate the landing gear servo. It's like they're stuck on the superficial stuff and refuse to dig deeper until I agree to let them fix that stuff. But I'm also pretty sure that if I agree to let them fix all that stuff, they'll just send the aircraft back with the landing gear servo untouched.

How the heck do I get myself out of this?! The last step I can think of is telling them "forget it," paying some kind of evaluation fee, and having them ship it directly to Drone Nerds, who actually seem like living, breathing humans.

Thanks for any insights.
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I am sorry for the difficulties that you had been through, Andy, I am able to trace your case number by your forum account, I will escalate your case to the higher department to assist, we will have someone contact you regarding this case.
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