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Running Dual Naza Flight Controllers?
710 1 2019-11-13
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[size=14.6667px]Howdy all!
[size=14.6667px]So to make it short and sweet, I am planning out a drone build that can carry a human passenger (A bit crazy I know). I have sourced the motors/props/flight controller/etc. and have picked the configuration of the 8 motors I will be using. Unfortunately, the configuration of the motors on this multirotor design is rather uncommon, and flight controllers like the DJI Naza (which I will be using) don't support this type of configuration (Octo colinear X configuration, Picture attached).

[size=14.6667px]My question is this, would I be able to use two DJI Naza flight controllers at once, outputting to one receiver? The way I plan on doing this is to connect 4 motors to one f/c and the other 4 motors to the other f/c. I will then use a Y connector to connect both f/c to one channel in my receiver.

[size=14.6667px]I would like to know if anyone thinks this would work? I have heard that there is the possibility that the flight controllers may work against each other which is what I am worried about. Though I am not sure how likely this is to happen.

[size=14.6667px]Any and all advice/info is greatly appreciated!

[size=14.6667px]Blue skies,
[size=14.6667px]- Connor
Use props
Flight distance : 1915335 ft

Sort of the same question as the previous?
Use props
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