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Spark options for failsafe
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Ok, I posted this in another thread a week or two ago, just watn to check something out.
It's to do with failsafe for loss of signal, where drone and remote disengage on the wifi signal between them.

The Spark I'm sure used to have the option in settings to either RTH, hover, or land, if signal was lost between drone and controller.
I read in a thread somewhere here that this was (as far as people could recall) there at some stage, but was taken away some time ago (early this year ?).

To me, for a small drone like the Spark, it is vital to be able to operate in tight places (in forest under tree canopy, or inside filming a large abandoned building, etc) and be able to set this to hover, like you can the larger Mavics (M1P, M2P/Z, Air).
If signal is lost, after 11 seconds the Spark will commence RTH, and (attempt to) go to RTH altitude, well, you get the picture, a bad thing.

Now, I am starting htis thread because of a bug in the new Mavic Mini Fly app.
It's been determined that Android users DO HAVE this option in settings for RTH, hover, or land, BUT in IOS it is NOT present, only RTH after 11 seconds.

Got me thinking is this a problem with Spark settings, even though it's Go4, not Fly app.

Ok, so I guess I'm asking . . .
Do IOS users there confirm that there is no setting other than RTH in loss of signal (if it's even in the menu at all) ?
. . . and Android users, are you the same, or are the 3 options there for you ?

I'd like to get to the bottom of this.
If DJI took out the options, WHY ?

Could DJI reintroduce the options for the Spark ?

It would make flying a lot safer in certain flight conditions.

If hovering, you can move closer and get reconnected.
If there is only RTH, you only have 11 seconds to get closer and get reconnection, then it's up, up and away into whatever !

Please, let's see what we can discover about this, and see if it's a similar glitch to the Mivic Mini, OR, if the options can be brought back by DJI if possible.
11-15 20:14
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