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osmo mobile 3 - active track - connection
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235 0 2019-11-16
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i bought my osmo 3 several days ago. i'm new to this.
I did al the steps (video-tuts) on DJI site. over and over . i have iphone 6+
It works , but not like i wished.
* When reconnecting (after closing) the app says i'm not connected , but in camera mode the bluetooth pin lights up..??
* Active track works not good. tested this with my kids and it's slow , to slow.
* Active track doens't work with pets ..? is it impossible to track animals..?
* It's not that stabile as espected , sometimes it turns downwoards..?
* when shooting low to the ground , it turns down , adjusting with the knob don't work well.

Any advice..? or is that normal.. i hope it works better... please help.
Is my phone to old..?

* do you always need connected with bluetooth..? the phones battery level drops rapidly. Can't imagine when outside or on holidays
that the phone goes down so fast.

* where are the stories stored...? they are not in cameraroll..?

thanks for any help.
Kind regards

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