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Drone's remote control must be powered firstly
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This is my Drone case, the remote control of DJI Mavic 2 Pro won't turn on even though the battery status is full. But if while it is being charged, it's can turn on and connected, and after connected, I unplug the charger and it isn't a problem. So the point is that the remote control must be powered by electricity first and then it starts on. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? because it had never been like this before

Thank you


11-19 00:26
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I assume you are talking Standard RC (or Smart Controller?) anyway this should not suppose to be.
RC, or SC can be turn on any time charging or not charging condition.
You may be experiencing some firmware glitch. Suggest do a reset the firmware using your PC then try again.
11-19 01:02
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This is quite strange!
11-19 08:59
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Hi. I am sorry to know that your DJI Mavic 2 Pro remote controller has caused. For the said matter regarding the  remote controller. To isolate the issue, please try to do a firmware refresh using the DJI Assistant 2. If issue still persists. Kindly please send a short video footage of the said issue for us to check and assist you further. In addition, I will post a link ( ) and an official DJI Tutorial Video for the DJI Assistant 2 for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Please keep us posted. Thank you for your valued support.

11-19 13:01
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