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DJI Phantom 3 Standard doesn`t take off at all
965 2 2019-11-19
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Alex Nazarie


Hello ! My first topic here I hope that is in the right side of the forum. I own a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, I have only 2 flights, the first one was very short because I was in a narrow space so the drone hitted a wall, then the second flight after two years I guess (because I was scared to fly anymore) was better, but at the last shot the drone was to close to a tree and after touching the leaves, it went in the tree. I was trying to stop it through remote but I didn`t know exactly how and while  I was trying to find a way to stop it, 2 friends thought that is a good idea to shake the tree but then the drone felt on the land and the flex cable was damaged, the camera was off the gimbal.

I changed by myself the cable, following a tutorial on youtube. I fixed the gimbal also helped by a youtube tutorial so when i was ready to fly again.. the drone didn`t seem to have any issues but it didn`t take off, I tried to take it off through app, didn`t work and I tried to take it off but it didn`t work. All the motors are running, when I try to raise the drone app through remote, all the motors are running like the drone is in the air, when I push the button to land, it makes that beep sound for landing and the motors will stop.

Also the camera is getting a little bit warm ( I don`t know if it`s normal ) and I can hear a sound from gimbal motors or camera, I can`t figure out. I have 3 original propellers and one aftermarket because I can`t find original propellers anymore. This one which is not original doesn`t go all the way down like the others but I cannot take it off if I don`t unscrew it. I couldn`t find any information about this issue that`s the way I wrote this thread. I did today firmware upgrade, I don`t have any idea what to do anymore. If you know something please write and help me ! Thank you
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What color have the rear LED´s and how fast are they blinking? Are the motors spinning in the right direction CW and CCW ? And the aftermarket prop is it a CCW or CW prop. If you assamble the CW prop on to a CCW motor then the AC will not lift or will bent side wards. Do you have a clip of the situation?
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Do the motors run faster when you push the stick forward?  
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