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Help needed from moderator - M2P bloated batteries
68 1 2019-11-28
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Hi moderator,

My post was posted on another member post, thought i would post there as he is having same issue as me, but no moderator saw my post and thus i copy and post it here.

However ,i have 4 batteries for my mavic 2 pro.  unfortunately i just discovered 2 of my batteries are swelling too, 1 has 25 cycle and the other have 21 cycle. It can still lock on to the ac, but don't think i will risk it.

I do know about  storing or discharging the batteries ,cause my old Mavic platinium pro which i thrashed real hard and the batteries are still perfect.

How did such an expensive drone batteries failed so prematurely ?

Dji moderator, if i continue to fly using this  flawed batteries and the battery pop out while flying causing the AC to drop from the sky, curious as to who is going to be liable?

Last 2 photos is just showing my MPP batteries still perfect after more than 2 years.

I think its too much to to pay for a few new batteries every year just to fly a few times, considering i have been quite a good customer of yours. I have bought a MPP, 3 x M2P, 1 goggles racing RE , 1 crystalsky, 1 smart controller and more batteries.

I am not expecting miracle, but could someone do something?


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Hi, thank you for reaching out and we do apologize for the inconvenience caused. I will highly recommend you to contact our support team at DJI SUPPORT for you to create a ticket and send the batteries to us. Please note that the warranty can be applied depending on the outcome of the damage assessment including the warranty period of your unit. To check the warranty period parts of your drone, you may click this link: Thank you for your understanding and support!
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