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Phantom 3 4k wanders
632 0 2019-12-5
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United States

I have a few issues, if anyone can give me some helpful advice. Is it normal for a DJI Phantom 3 4k or other models to drift/wander? Sometimes when hovering about 10ft from the ground, it drifts about a couple feet or so, and sometimes lowers a foot or so. One time, I lifted it to about 10 ft, and from about 8-10 ft away from me, and let it hover. Then I happen to look at the go app screen for just a few seconds, to check everything. When I looked up,  the Phantom was about ready to give me a haircut. It lowered, and drifted towards me. I think I had at least (no less) 9 sats at the time. I always to the drone dance before take off, even at home, where I fly most. I tried the IMU CAL. And idk if it helped, or not. I know the amount of sats make a difference, but it does this no matter how many sats. It's hard to tell if or how much it wanders when it's high (over 100ft) but I think it does it then as well. One time, yesterday  (when I was paying attention to this issue) , I had it hovering about 240ft, and buy watching the GO screen, I noticed it drop about a foot or so. Clear skies, 10/11 sats and not far from me. My question, is any of this normal, or common? Also one other related issue. And could have to do with the same thing or problem  (if it is a problem). It never lands in the same place it took off from, when I press return home (from "roughly" 200ft up, and 200ft away give or take). I have it set to return home, to home point (not where the controller is), and at 60M (aprox 200ft). It says "home point has been updated" when i start the motors. Most of the time it lands about 8ft away from my landing pad/take-off.  I've seen several videos of guys doing a return home, using a portable landing pad, and the P3s land on that pad. So idk, am I doing something wrong, or is the drone defective? Or is there anything I can do to fix it? I know that's a lot to read, I appreciate your time, and thank you.
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