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Another test: OA vs iPhone 11 pro max
152 0 2019-12-7
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Second Officer
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New Zealand

Took the OA and iPhone on another camping trip with my doggie.  Now, I love the OA but on this occasion it failed me.  The auto ISO just would not adjust once it started recording in 4K 60fps with rocksteady.  I had to brighten everything up in post production.  This was before the 1.7 firmware which after testing does not seem to have the same trait.  Saying that though I'm wondering whether a factory reset before every trip is necessary.  The OA seems to need a lot of resets.  So, I filmed one day with the OA and the return trip with the iPhone.  You be the judge but for me the OA did very well EXCEPT for the auto ISO monitoring.  The sound was very good even with the internal mic.  The wind sensor did a great job compared to the sound on the iphone.  I think the actual picture quality on the OA was also better in the end than the .5 lens of the iphone also using 4k 60fps.  Bit of a long video but hey ho.

PS   I accidentally started it in 4K 30fps HDR mode which is why a) the ISO was fine on the the first clip and b) it was a bit jumpy.  It all went wrong once I switched it to 4K 60fps rocksteady from the 2nd clip onwards.

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