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Smart controller location services failure
118 0 2019-12-7
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Flight distance : 57484 ft
United States

Hello, just received my M2P with SC and struggling a bit to get it all right. One issue is the controller cannot Locate me on the flight restriction information app page opening in the native browser. I get a generic Washington DC map (Wisconsin here!) and when I tap the location icon I get the error message below asking to enable locations on phone?
locations are enabled on the SC setting menu (in fact tried all three options) also went through the browser settings and enabled locations there under privacy settings, now I’m in China! Tried to access google maps through browser, all working fine EXCEPT locating me?
now I have no problem seeing my location on the dji go 4 app when I have enough satellites connected, but still none in the flight restriction app.
so the questions are
1) what the heck is wrong with those location settings and how can I make location work in browser/flight restriction info app
2) do I even need the flight restriction info native app? Does it help With obtaining LAANC permissions? Has anyone found an alternative to it that can work on the smart controller? I only managed to get amazon App Store installed but Airmap is not available nor any of the other apps I know of?
3) should I just stick to checking the flight restrictions on my iPhone and use Airmap or something there to obtain authorizations if needed? but then how does that work to fly in a restricted zone without the phone being connected to the drone itself?
4) finally, is that issue (no locations available on the browser) a major concern for safety during flights? (again the in app maps show locations and usual restricted zones with no issues as long as I have satellites connected)
sorry if that was long or if I’m asking very basic questions! I just want to be as ready as I can before my first mavic 2 pro flight. Hobbyist here btw.
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