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A2 booting but after few seconds got only motors green 1sec LEDs beeping
830 1 2015-6-12
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United Kingdom

I have built S1000 + A2 + Lightbridge + Z5Dmk3.

Recently when I connected battery I could hear starting sequence beep, A2 LED was flashing multiple colours and immediatelly stop working.
Only green LEDs located below motors beeps and flashes. I can not get any diagnostics connecting laptop to A2 via USB because it's saying voltage is too high and USB has been disabled.

The A2 PMU is getting hot so I disconnected battery and after while tried to do the same again.

Next time when battery connected A2 did not start at all and can hear only motors green LEDs beeping (constant endless: beep beep beep beep... 1 second interval).

What's the problem? Is A2 broken? The thing is I kept the copter inside pelican case for a while. It was flying without issues so no crashes and physical damage occured.

Any hints, please let me know, thanks.

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Flight distance : 5442736 ft
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United States

did you ever find out what this was? Mine is doing the same thing right now..please email me if you did or did not find a solution: Thanks.
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