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Problems with DJI GO application on android and ios
335 0 2019-12-13
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United States

Hi everyone

I tell you, I have an inspire and I commonly use it with 2 controls, I also use a sansumg tablet and an ipad. But lately the notifications presented by the 2 tablets are different, since in the android it is asking me to do the deep download process for all the batteries and in the ios everything appears normal.

These are the actions I have performed:
* I have exchanged the tablets with each other and the warnings remain.
* I have used 2 android tablet and both keep the deep download warning (mention that I have already done this process)
* I have used 2 ios tablets and there is no notification, everything is normal.
* I have checked the log of each flight and the batteries are in good condition, there is no variation in the cells and most do not exceed 50 charges.
* I have updated the apps on ios and android and there are no changes,

* I need to know if the warning is a problem of the android version
* I also want to know which of the versions is the most reliable: The DJI ANDROID OR THE DJI IOS?

I enclose a capture of each application


ios version

ios version
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