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Aircraft name in Flight Records. Weird question
361 0 2019-12-14
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Dakar Enduro
First Officer
Flight distance : 1331165 ft

Searched but no luck.
Backstory- bought a used M2Z to add to my kit a few weeks back. Reset everything on it (or so I thought). Went out and did 2 test flights. Everything worked great.

Got Home pulled up flight records in Go4. Saw that the aircraft name was previous owner 'Franklin's Mavic'. Looked and found the setting and changed the name back to 'M2Z'.

Did a few flights today. Checked flight record and no change. New flights files under old name.

My question if anyone has had this before- is there a way to edit the flight record? Or if I delete these few flight records until there are none under this aircraft, will new flights register under the new name?
Use props
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