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Mavic speeds and wind
172 2 2019-12-21
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Bright Spark
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Some may have read my posts about speeds  with reference to mini's ability to penetrate into wind, and today I was able to satisfy myself that my hypothesis that mini has a maximum speed in  software of I estimate at 45 mph,  on which it can draw to deliver the advertised speeds whether  into wind or not.
Wind speed today was c 15 mph with 20 mph gusts at ground level,  and double that at 100 ft or so.
I received a high wind warning at c 100ft, but was able to easily penetrate the gusts at c 18 mph ground speed , giving a total airspeed in P mode  of some 35+ mph.
I am happy now that if your ground speed is reduced to a few mph into wind, you must be flying in extraordinary and foolish conditions.
So good luck every one and happy landings.

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Hi, thanks for sharing this wind test that you had performed with your DJI Mavic Mini. Just a friendly reminder, please always fly in a recommended wind temperature in a location without any possible interference to avoid any problems. Thank you for your continued support!  
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Ian in London
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I agree there is likely a small excess between the spec'd max speed and the actual, and this is well proved in the Air and Pro.  Not so much so with the Mini, so be careful.......  
This video was filmed with wind speeds of 20-25 mph with gusts 25-30 mph
Ian ... D556%26typeid%3D556
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