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N3 ESC calibration
524 1 2019-12-21
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Hello, I bought a N3 recently and a DJI S800 to test it with. Got both for low prices, the N3 was not activated when I bought it. Later I think  about using the N3 in a larger drone I plan to build but I wanted to  get some experience with the S800 first.

Now I already struggle and have problems with the ESC calibration. The  ESCs initialize properly and seem get a input from the N3. But only one  motor reacts to the motor test. I used different power sources for FC  and ESCs and cut the ESC power when asked to. When I plug the power back  in at the next step nothing happens except what seems like the normal  ESC initialization beeps. After that I can only click finish but after  that it's still only one motor which reacts to the motor test and I'm  also not able to start the motors with my Graupner SBUS remote.

Unfortunately I have no experience what the ESC calibration should be  like after reconnecting the ESC power and clicking next. I also didn't  find info if the N3 is actually compatible with the ESCs of the original  S800. I only found people using it with the S800 EVO or the S900.                 
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Flight distance : 568930 ft

Hi! did you found how to make it work? I seem to have the same issue...
2-12 03:48
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