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2 questions about osmo Action
244 1 2019-12-24
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After watching quite a few YT reviews I got myself osmo action. I'm GoPro user since GoPro1. Got Action to have a front screen for a change. After charging I have activated and updated to the newest firmware.
1. When I turned on and initialized my Action first file had number DJI_0915.mp4. Why numbering did not start from 0001? Does everyone have a file starting from 915 or other than 0001 on a new camera? I would expect it to be 0001, or maybe it was not a new camera? Can anyone confirm file numbers on new Actions?

2. RockSteady, I'm recording in 4k 30fps, rocksteady does not seem to be even close to the rocksteady I have seen online. I have RockSteady enabled, in Blue.  I handheld the camera and slowly walk and I do not see stability even similar to people running or doing some crazy things with this cam. I do not see any difference between rocksteady on or of (blue and white) There is a difference in the field of view but stability is shaky at best, is my camera broken, is there any test I could perform to confirm that?

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A1. two cameras if i remember  001 was both, factory reset it, format off the  DJI files, seeif it starts at 001..

A2  make sure  you chosen RS its  in the upper right corner, sometines a  setting can knock it off.  Besto put a sample up. can be your stride is harder then others.

  maybe if DJI allows reflashing. of firmware????
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