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Spark esc errors
543 1 2019-12-25
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I recently replaced all four esc’s and all four motors on my spark. I had my work double checked and the soldering is all done right. The spark powers on, motors twitch, gimbal moves up, the led’s flash, and I have the camera view  but after tapping go fly I get the cannot take off message on top of the screen.I check the status messages and get an error status on all four esc’s none of them with a code attached. Each error message simply reads esc1 error if problem persists contact Dji support esc2 error if problem persists please contact Dji support same with esc 3&4. The reason I made the replacements was because of a single esc error message not allowing take off and a motor that didn’t spin true due to a crash. I went ahead and swapped all four out replacing them with esc’s from another spark with no damage to its esc’s or motors. Could the motherboard be the cause of the error messages and not necessarily simply esc’s. Dji’s tech support has no business calling themselves tech support seeing as how they give zero product technical advice, suggestions, possible work arounds, or even a general sense of what possibly could be wrong or possibly even fix a situation. All they are good for is data entry and redirection of the issue to their assessment and  repair teams.
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Hi OG007SPARK, sorry for what happened, we never recommend customer to repair the drone by themselves because repairing drone needs professional skills, any improper repair could cause more issues and the warranty could be affected. Our support is able to provide technical suggestion but not the repair advice. We appreciate your understanding.
In your case, it is recommended to send in the drone to our repair center for the further evaluation, or you could contact local recommended repair centers which are trained by DJI and have the capability to repair DJI products for assistance:
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