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Help! Mavic Mini or Hubson Zino 2 / Pro??
585 1 2019-12-28
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United Kingdom

Hiya guys, i;m new to drones, having only flown sub £100 "toy" units. I'm interested in both the Mavic Mini and Air, although the Air may be too expensive, I like the 4k, manual camera and white balance options. It also has the follow me and tracking advantages over the mini.

Now if the Mini maybe had a white balance lock or selection option, coupled with a follow me that would be a game changer, even 4k 40 bit would be a nice firmware update. I guess this is posible as the "quick modes" indicate the drone has this technology already?

I wonder with the threat from the Hubson Zino 2 and Pro, both with a similar feature set to the Mavic Air, if the Mini would be more likely to get these updates? The Air would still be a better drone, with better video quality, and a more flexible camera, but the Mini would better compete with the new competition.

So, over to you forum people and DJI people, I'm about to buy a drone, why should I choose the Mavic Mini  over the Hubsan offerings? If the Mini were to receive updates as i've suggested, then i'd definately buy it without question. But as it stands, both Hubsan and Mavic entry level drones are around the £400 here in the UK.

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Wait for months for DJI if they add the white balance lock to MINI and go for it. If not, choose other drone with white balance lock/manual settings.

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