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Over heat LCD turns off 3 seconds
155 0 2019-12-30
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To All of us, that do not know how DJI, the Osmo Action Camera works?  DJI was kind enough to allow the camera to continue to Record until the Heat  says I am taking over.    Another Camera company simply allows Recording till  the camera over heats and simply shuts down all together, at least DJI gives  you advance warning , if IF you pay attention.

If you experience this on a hot day like I just did, what you need to do is .   start ending your video before the heat becomes a issue, and allow the camera to at least cool down, for at good five plus minutes the least.  In the Mean time. I thought I continue to run down the camera some and take some mental notes:

can you turn on the front screen, will i also turn don?
WHen will the camera return back to the normal state and allow the front and or back screen to stay on?
  when will the camera actually over heat?
will the camera stay on standby and not over heat with  the lcd screen

Those are just some of my thoughts Out loud and demonstrating.

Bottom line is , it records.


Use props
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